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Inzirillo Millwork

Today there are new challenges that Inzirillo Company embraces with excitement. Renewable resources, LEED projects, and lean manufacturing strategies that help inzirillo Company become a better steward of the resources that we as a company have been trusted with.


Creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment.
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A dedicated and self-motivated professional proficient in completing projects on time, within budget and with the quality the client deserves. Extensive experience in the construction industry and a background of managing a variety of projects such as high-end residential homes, commercial and industrial projects, office and retail stores.
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Kevin Polanco

Architectural Drafter
Drawings created by a contractor, subcontractor, vendor, manufacturer, or other entity that illustrate construction, materials, dimensions, installation, and other pertinent information for the incorporation of an element or item into the construction.
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Elio Inzirillo

Over 25 years of experience on architectural design and millwork.
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Karen Inzirillo

Business Development
Over 15 Year of Experience on Business Administrations.

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